Acquisitions / Takeovers / Joint Ventures   

By fully understanding a client’s objectives and the value an acquisition can create, Conquest Capital provides advice on acquisition strategy, value and execution to increase our client’s chances of acquiring a business on favourable terms, whilst being disciplined and avoiding “transaction noise”. This includes: 

Identification and evaluation of potential targets

Value analysis and potential value-add to client

Strategy to secure an acquisition

Acquisition structure design

Transaction management and coordination of other advisers and due diligence

Negotiation of commercial and legal terms

   Business Sales   

By having a thorough understanding of our client’s business and clearly identifying the likely acquirors and the value-add to them, Conquest Capital can design and execute a sale process that maximises sale value and optimises terms and can assist with:

Preparing business for sale

Identification of potential exit options, including trade acquirers, private equity, merger or IPO

Developing sale strategy and process to maximise value

Consideration of various value comparables

Preparation of Information Memorandum (or other sales materials) to highlight key selling points, financial model and due diligence

Transaction management, including contacting potential acquirers and facilitating due diligence

Negotiation of commercial and legal terms

M&A is a service that is only learned through years of experience across many transactions. We would be keen to outline how we can add extraordinary value to you.