Our Services

Conquest Capital aims to create value for its clients over the long-term.
We help clients grow by


  • Advising on strategy and the acquisition or sale of businesses on favourable values and terms through our 100 years of experience with major investment banks and more than $50bn in M & A deals
  • Raising debt and equity on attractive costs of capital and terms from our deep network of Australian and international lenders and investors who are best suited to meet our clients' objectives and by utilising our experience in raising more than $10 billion in capital
  • Project managing the acquisition, sale or capital-raising process to avoid management being distracted from running the core business

We invest time at the start of our engagements to ensure we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s business, markets and key objectives. From this understanding, we design tailored strategies which aim to exceed the client’s objectives and expectations.

With a team with decades of experience in strategic advisory, M & A and capital raising, clients benefit from an integrated and comprehensive consideration of all potential strategic, transaction and funding issues.