Key to any capital raising is ensuring that the most suitable capital structure is agreed, that the amount of debt and / or equity is determined and that a client’s key preferred terms (eg cost, duration, security, valuation, conversion, as applicable) are clearly identified.

Once these have been agreed, Conquest Capital can identify the most suitable capital providers from its deep network of Australian and international debt providers and equity investors and can assist with:



  Debt Capital   

Detailed financial modelling to design loan amount, structure and service terms

Preparation of termsheet of preferred loan terms - amount, maturity, amortisation schedule etc

Identification of lenders best able to meet preferred lending criteria

Preparation of Debt Information Memorandum

Overall transaction management with legal adviser

Negotiation of commercial and legal terms

Sources include banks, privates, family offices, alternate cashflow-based lenders, mezzanine debt, bridging finance, leveraged finance, debt capital markets (“DCM”) and securitisation

   Equity Capital   

Preparation of business to be “investor ready”

Detailed financial modelling

Advice on equity offer structure and price

Identification of potential equity providers most likely to invest on preferred terms

Preparation of Investor Memorandum / Presentation

Transaction management, including facilitating due diligence

Equity sources include private equity, family offices, high-net-worths, pre-IPO equity and listed investors in Australia and Internationally

It is critical that the terms of any funding round meet your objectives. We would be keen to share our thoughts on capital structure, funding sources and potential offer terms that may be of interest to our deep network of domestic and international lenders and equity investors.